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Yimreha Hotel is run by St. Lalibela Churches Administration, and is a part of the Lalibela Monastery's Hotels Group.


Yimreha Hotel is established and started providing service on June 18, 2004. Yimreha Hotel is one of the biggest Hotels in Lalibela. The rooms, the bar and the coffee house designed and furnished to echo the surrounding environs; Lalibela and its surroundings, typically Yimrehane Kristos Monastery Church found 42km north of Lalibela, of which the hotel takes its name and some elements of Ethiopian Art.

 The hotel has 50 Rooms, Restaurant and bar. Beside their services, you will be amazed by their originality exhibited by the indigenous Ethiopian Architectures of the buildings and  furniture’s.

The management and the staff of Yimreha Hotel strive to deliver beyond the usual warm Ethiopian hospitality and makes your stay unforgettable.






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